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Winter blah-ues….

I have the winter blues hense the reason for the font color. I need sunshine, flowers in full bloom, and 60ish weather to be out in and enjoy. Instead we have a mix of seasons, spring and fall. All this does is bring sicknesses like colds and flu into my house. Who wants to be cooped up and sick? Not me! Luckily, I have great kids who aren’t high maintenance and are easily entertained. I also have crocheting, my FAVORITE hobby and great books to read. I need to exercise more so I can be healthier! I was going to post pictures of sunshine and flowers, but I don’t have any to share 😦

However, my family kicked the blues this weekend by going out and enjoying a game of miniature golf at Golf Shores Fun Center. We played mini golf under black light which was an awesome experience. The local high schools’ students painted scenes on the walls from under the sea, to the jungle, and ending in a dragons lair. Our children had a blast playing and looking at the scenery and they were excited that they were also glowing under the black light.

What do you do when you have the winter blues?

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