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Hello Readers

I like to pop in here and say hi and thank everyone for following my blog! I don’t know about you all but I’ve been BUSY! I feel like my work never ends! I babysit a beautiful one year old boy every morning between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. I get my children off to school then the rest of my day is full with the baby, my part-time online business, and then the kids are home again. I made one serious mistake though.

I have been trying to be healthier, use all natural products in my home, take vitamins, but the thing I should’ve never done was go off of my depression medication. I thought to myself that if I’m living better, I should be feeling better therefore, no medication! WRONG! I was fine for the first part of the week last week then when it came to the middle to the end of the week, I felt like crying at any moment. I went to my kids school to check my daughter out for her doctor appointment and when I told them her name, I almost went into breakdown mode like I lost a loved one or something. So, my husband lovingly told me I needed to go back on my medication because he kept feeling like he did something wrong.

My online business keeps me busy. I love the chance to be home when I’m not babysitting and spend time with my kids versus working outside of the home. They don’t call it work at home for nothing though. It’s WORK at home. It has great perks though. I learn about all these wonderful all natural products that are safe to use around my kids and pet.

That’s about all that’s going on in my life. How about yours? Have there been any big changes? Anything you have to look forward to?

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My 50th like! Thank you all for this milestone. I’m sorry I don’t post that often but I appreciate the support!

Hello my fellow readers,

How is life in your neck of the woods? Are you like me where days run together? You’re so busy you just want to shout, “CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!?”

Well, I shout it sometimes even if nobody else wants to admit it πŸ™‚ There have been a couple deaths recently that remind me that life is short! Hug your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. You never know how much time either of you have. These weren’t deaths in my family but they still make me stop and appreciate the love I have around me.

I haven’t crocheted in forever! I miss it but I’m trying to read up on all the material that’s out there for my at home business. I’m shocked and saddened by all the toxins that are in our everyday household items!Β I want to be educated so I can educate and lead everyone in the right direction. If anyone wants to learn more you can join me in a free webcast so you can learn too!

I’ve been so TIRED lately, Like I’m not getting enough sleep, then I take my prescription to help me sleep but then I feel sleepier when I wake up. Does that make any sense? (It did in my head until I typed it πŸ™‚

I’m getting a package tomorrow!!! WOOHOO! I can’t wait to see all the products that are going to replace my household poisons! I ordered some vitamins too and I will be so, so, happy if I finally have energy for the first time in my life!!!

When you poke my son’s belly he makes the “WOOHOO” sound like the pillsbury dough boy!

I started reading a good book by Kim Edwards, titled, “The Memory Keepers Daughter.” So far it’s really good but I’m only on the 3rd chapter.

I can’t keep up with all my social networks, Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress…I need more time and energy to do all that I’m supposed to so I can have a little “ME” time!!!

Well, I guess it’s time to go to beddy bye land. (What?! I’m a mom so I talk like one of my kids! So What?!?) πŸ˜€


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He HAS Risen!

How do we know something or believe in something we’ve never seen? FAITH.

My daughter asked me today why she had “chills” when she sang the Easter songs at church today. I told her that’s how she knows the truth of what’s being taught or in this case sung, His Spirit was a witness to her.

Amazing, I thought to myself. My children are great examples and teach me everyday what it’s like to be so close to Christ. The looks in their innocent faces when they testify of the truthfulness of His miracles.

I am thankful for the talks that were shared today and the Spirit that witnessed to me that what they were saying was true. I can’t imagine how Mary felt when she witnessed the death of her Friend and then to go to His tomb and see the stone moved and the Savior gone. How she must have felt when he said that one word, “Mary.” I know He suffered for ALL of our sins. That He was resurrected on the third day. I know this because I have felt this to be true. I have posted an Easter video for you all. Happy Easter!


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You’re not alone

Please take a moment and read this if you suffer from a mental illness.

I have posted before about my illness but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to post again. Maybe somebody will read this and know that they aren’t alone. I’ve suffered with Clinical depression for at least 8 years. I went untreated for most of this time because I was too afraid to speak out. I told myself they were all bad days and I’d eventually get through it. But, they got worse, especially after my hysterectomy in 2010. Luckily, I had gone to my doctorΒ in 2009 because I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. I’ve tried several medications; Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and now I’m on Zoloft and it works! So all I can say is don’t give up! There is a medication out there for you and the trial periods are not fun but they are worth it in the end. I suffer from migraines also whether it’s part of the illness, I’m not sure but I’ve tried a few medications for that also; Imatrex and now I’m on Topamax. So, my point to this post is to seek help PLEASE! FInd a good therapist and they can prescribe something for you or go to your doctor but go to somebody!

Something else that helps me get through my down times are: a nap, write in my journal, write/type in my blog, a walk, and driving in my car. I had an episode yesterday but they don’t last as long because I know what works best for me. It happened at the worst time though. I was driving my family around running errands when it hit me. I started crying, the kids asked what’s wrong, everbody got quiet, and I told my husband I needed to go home. I couldn’t be out like this. I went home to my bed and calmed myself down to rest. I explained to my children and husband that when I have these episodes it’s not because of anything they did, it’s just something I deal with and I have to let it pass.

I hope this helps someone. Have a great Sunday evening or enjoy whatever day it is in your neck of the woods πŸ™‚



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Just thinking…

When I started this blog, I thought it would be a better place to post my thoughts, poems, and pictures and I would leave my “Crocheting Cures Mental Illness” for my crochet projects. Well, my “Wife Without a Life” blog hasn’t taken off like my other blog so I’ll leave this one up but from now on, I’ll only be posting on Crocheting Cures Mental Illness.

A big THANK YOU for all my readers and followers of both blogs!!! You all are awesome! πŸ˜€

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Thank you so much!

Wow!! 12 followers!!! Is this for real? Somebody pinch me! All I have to say is I really appreciate it and I hope to keep you all coming back again and again πŸ˜€

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I have a secret…

I’m going to tell on myself. I have had my computer for a year and I just learned how to Skype yesterday!!!

I hadn’t heard about blogging until last October?!? I started off on Blogger but failed! I never had a follower or any comments. I LOVE wordpress. I like the goals it gives you to blog more. I love the daily photo challenges. I wanted to thank everyone who reads and follows my blogs πŸ™‚ I love to write and type but I’m not a professional so I felt blog-fright like people were going to criticize me and send me mean comments…(inhale, exhale, calm down….)

I’ve never owned an Ipod and if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it…

I rarely vote. I don’t keep up with political issues and I find it…boring….eeek! I’ve been lectured about this so I know why I should vote.

So, I’d love to blame all this on being too busy, Yeah, that’s my excuse…(it doesn’t have to be the truth!) Am I a dork or what?!? Ok, don’t answer that. I don’t need any haters….hahaha.

I guess that’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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