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My first blogger award!

I’m so excited and I ruined the surprise because of the title but that’s ok. I got nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by a fellow blogger that helped me get to where I am today in the blogging world. Thanks again Julia! Her fascinating blog can be found at The Writing Aficionado. Now I will nominate 7 blogs I think are awesome that I’ve been following.

  1. A Hardy Perspective
  2. Heather Christena Schmidt
  3. Broken Light Collective
  4. Sarah London
  5. Words Form Windows
  6. 365 Days of Jill
  7. Debra Schell

Go check them out! I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!

Now for the rules. I have to share 7 things about myself…Well here it goes:

  1. I have a touch of O.C.D, I can’t get one hand wet without getting the other hand wet. One dry and one wet makes me crazy! Like when I brush my teeth and the hand I brush with gets wet (I know crazy right?)
  2. I used to be a risk taker. When I was 18, and living in Idaho, a friend asked if I’d go rattlesnake hunting with him and I did!!!
  3. When I was in high school, I tried out for show choir and made it. They had no idea I couldn’t dance until it was time…OOPS!
  4. I’m married to a man named Bubba (nickname)
  5. I’m mormon but wish I was a better example!
  6. I’m addicted to icecream!
  7. I don’t like being given real flowers. They’re so beautiful then they die 😦

As always, I’d like to thank my readers and followers. You all are awesome!


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