27 Mar

From my blog,”Crocheting Cures Mental Illness!”

Rachel's Words

She walks into the room and nobody notices.

She feels invisible.

She never raises her hand to ask a question,

for fear of rejection.

What if they laugh, or say she’s dumb?

So, she sits in the back of the room all alone.

She drifts into a dream where all she sees,

are butterflies, birds and green, shade trees.

She lays in the cool, damp grass on her back

and stares at the white, puffy clouds.

She rolls over to find in front of her face,

a new dandelion just waiting for her to blow and make a wish.

She closes her eyes tight and takes a deep breath,

then blows ever so slightly,

until the white seeds are set in motion.

Why can’t she stay in this dream forever?

The bell rings and awakens her from her slumber.


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Posted by on March 27, 2012 in poem


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