On the road again…

18 Mar

He walked into my room.              My stomach dropped.
I knew that look in his eyes,
he didn’t want to upset me.
“We’re moving again aren’t we?”     I said quietly.
Yes, he assured me.
“But, I just made new friends,”        I said with a frown.
“You’ll make some more honey, in our new town.”
I’ve learned to accept,
the moves as a way,
to make a fresh start,
and many friends along the way.
You see with a big family,
he does what he can,
to support all his children,
even when we’re let down.
My mother, God love her,
she knew what to do,
to keep us from fearing the moves each time,
as she packed up and moved us,
without showing how much this moving increased each worried line.

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Posted by on March 18, 2012 in parenting, poem, Thoughts


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