Does anyone understand?

13 Mar

Does anyone else feel isolated or seperated from the rest of the world?
Does anyone else want to sleep all day so they don’t have to feel, or think?
I know I’m not alone but I feel like nobody else would understand what I’m feeling because we’re all different.

This past week has been rough. You see, part of my mental illness issue I deal with is sickness from stress. This past week I had the stomach flu and was trying to deal with financial stress which would make a healthy person sick!

I deal with regret ALOT too. I wish I could take back all my wrong doings and just  move on.. Other people may have moved on from them but I can’t forget them and I have a constant reminder, me. I won’t let myself forget. There’s always something I hear, or see, or smell that reminds me of something I’ve done wrong and I can’t make it stop! I feel like all I do is leave a path of destruction behind.

I know this is my depression talking. When I have my good days, the feelings may be there but they aren’t able to control me like today. I’m able to move them to the back of my mind and move on.

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