My four legged confidant

09 Mar

I  never considered myself an animal lover. The only reasons we had pets were for my husband and children because I knew how much they all wanted a pet. We started off with a black labrador. She was sweet but we adopted her as an adult so I really didn’t bond with her. I wish I tried harder to bond with her because shortly after bringing her home, she was shot by our town marshall, from his car.

Then we went to the local animal shelter where I noticed another black lab that seemed mild tempered. My husband surprised me for my birthday by bringing this new dog home and that’s when I noticed what I had missed at the animal shelter; her legs. She was a black lab mixed with a daschund and she wasn’t very cute anymore. I know how cruel that is to say but I have to have a connection with the animal if I’m going to be the one taking care of it. We kept her for several months until she was in heat and bled all over the house, gross!

We also brought in cockatiels, ferrets, rabbits, and they were either too noisy, too messy or too smelly!!!

They always say the best comes to those who wait, right? Well, that’s how it happened. I was blindsided into looking at a litter of new boxer puppies if my son did well at the hospital. This was the day I became an animal lover or better yet, a dog lover.  We walked up to this litter of new puppies of all different mannerisms. All it took was for this bundle of fluff to come up and nuzzle against my foot. She stole my heart. Guess who cried when the puppy ate a Jenga block and had to have surgery? Me. Who couldn’t stop holding her when we brought her home (while she was still small?) Me.

Maleya, is now 6 years old. She has made an impact in every life she comes in contact with. She looks for any lap to crawl up on or any bed to take over. She’ll stay by your side during a storm (even if it’s because SHE’S the one scared), she’ll bring you her toy, only to take it right back, and she’ll always be there waiting to greet you when you’ve come home from a long, stressful day.

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