My journey as a writer

04 Mar

What may seem to some as tedious and difficult, writing has been one of my favorite pastimes since I first learned cursive. It is not something I find stress-free when it comes to writing a paper for college, but, I do find writing relaxing when I need to sort through my feelings.  If I am seen with a pen and paper, I am most likely recording my thoughts in my journal or duplicating my favorite crochet pattern.

I can remember when I was first introduced to cursive writing. I was so eager to get to school and engulf myself in this creative style of printing. I loved how the words flowed over the pages as if they were waves in the ocean. When I was taught to write capital letters, “K” was the one I favored. I envied my classmates who had “K” in their first name because they wrote it every day! Recently, I found a way to use my love of cursive writing through recording my thoughts in a journal.

I attempted and failed many times over the years to keep up with a journal. It wasn’t until a month or so ago that I realized the reason for these failures. I could not stand small journals! I needed an 8×11, full paged composition notebook. Once I bought one, the pages filled quickly with feelings I have kept hidden for years. My journal has become a storybook of memories to share with my family down the road. I combined my love of journaling with my favorite hobby and made a crochet journal.

I love learning new crochet patterns so I first, look on the internet then duplicate the patterns in my crochet journal. When I find the pattern easy to make, or like the way they look, I comment on them in the margin so I remember the next time I want to make the pattern. I enjoy writing until it comes to having to write for college.

From taking my English class, I learned there is more to writing than just learning cursive or writing in my journals. When I typed out my first essay, I felt pretty good about the way it looked. However, once it was graded, I noticed how much more there was to learn about grammar in order to create a great essay. Reading the comments from the professor and tutor, I learned how to revise my essays and make them clear and more interesting to read.

My writing experience has progressed through the journals I record and essays I’ve had to write in college.

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